When you order your bird we will try to match a bird weight to your order, but as our birds are free range and grow and develop naturally we can't promise you will get your exact weight. If you order a 5Kg bird we will endeavour to ensure that the weight of your bird is between 5.0Kg and 5.9Kg.

Just fill in the form below, remembering to select the size of turkey you would like. We will confirm your order via email.


If however we had to supply you with a 6.5Kg bird we would only charge you for a 5.9Kg bird. All complete turkeys include giblets. Cooking directions will be included free of charge so that there are no errors and you can serve a perfect bird.

If you need any help in deciding on your order please call us on 01455 642992 (messaging service available). Or 07901 874 726.

Turkey WeightCollection Price
3 kg £49.00
4 kg £59.00
5 kg £66.00
6 kg £74.00
7 kg £82.00
8 kg £87.00
9 kg £92.00
10 kg £97.00
Breast Roast 1.0 kg - 1.5 kg breast of turkey. No bone or giblets £20.56 per kg
Crowns - Whole bird less legs and wing tips, includes giblets £14.58 per kg

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When ordering whole birds allow 500g per person, per average meal. For breast roasts allow 250g per person, per average meal.
(1kg is approximately 2.2lbs). We cannot guarantee the exact weight and ask you to expect +/- 500g.  

Please complete the order form below.

Please Note, we always acknowledge an order by E-mail within 5 days. However, occasionally E-mails do not get past spam filters, so if you do not receive a reply please call either number above.


24th December between 9.00am - 3.00pm (unless by prior arrangement)

Payment Method

Cheques or cash on collection please.

If you need any help please call us on 01455 642992 or 07901 874 726.

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